The 12 best tricks to fall asleep

Do you spend hours tossing and turning in bed without being able to sleep? Do you wake up at dawn and you find it impossible to get back to sleep? Both are manifestations of the same problem: insomnia. Write down these 12 recommendations to combat it.

tips to fall asleepWhy do not we all sleep the same?

Before you start to read our advice, do not worry. The sleep patterns, that is, the number of hours and when we sleep, change with the age, lifestyle and nature of each person.
Therefore, in TEC MOON ? We recommend following a healthy lifestyle composed of a balanced diet, exercise and 7/8 hours of sleep. If you feel good when you wake up and your dream has been refreshing, you do not have any sleep disorder. But if not, in this post we are going to give you some tips so that you sleep better and every morning you wake up rested and happy. ?

What is the dream and why do we sleep?

According to European Institute of Sleep Quality (ESCI), It is a survival mechanism developed by most living beings with multiple functions according to the species, age and phase of sleep. While in the dream of baby ?? human growth and maturation of his nervous system predominates, in the adult ?? Cell detoxification and physical regeneration prevail.
As an adult you have learned to sleep an average of 7 hours predominantly in the dark of night, with the exception of napping, and in 24-hour rhythms. However, our life habits, stress, artificial light and current working hours are breaking a rhythm established for thousands of years, generating a global pandemic of sleep deficit.

The danger of deficil sleep.

That you suffer implies exposing yourself to a greater probability of suffering accidents, diseases cardiovascular or type 2 diabetes. In addition, it predisposes you to anxiety Yet the depression ? among other pathologies.
The dream of the future in an active society 24 hours 7 days a week is glimpsed in shorter intradian periods. That is, sleep two or three hours during some breaks, such as a trip. While this evolutionary adaptation occurs, the human being must enhance the little time of sleep that he has left with the best technologies available This will yield better, ? live longer, fight diseases more effectively and, ultimately, be happier.

The best tricks to fall asleep.

1. Try to sleep and always wake up at the same time

Even on weekends. If for any reason, such as an event or work, you must remain more awake time of your usual sleep time, do not try to do it to someone else. Go to the next day to the same as always. This is one of the best tricks to sleep. ?

2. Have a ritual to sleep

This differs for each person. Some prefer to read before remembering, others a hot shower, watch a movie … ? Just try that this ritual is not closely related to screens that emit the one known as’blue light‘ That is, if you watch a movie, lower the lighting on your television, put a screen protector on it or apply a software I filtered the blue light. For the ebooks, ? better choose one of electronic ink.

persona tapada durmiendo

3. Avoid blue light

In the previous point you have already seen that the ‘blue light’ does not help. ?? Why? According to scientific studies, this high frequency light prevents the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep at night. Therefore, avoid electronic lighting or use bulbs ? of warm light. Also do not include mobile screens, television or tablets. If you have to use them, adjust the brightness of your device or install an advanced application that filters that light.

4. Adapt to the natural cycle

As we said, melatonin is the hormone that causes us sleep and that is segregated thanks to the darkness. Therefore, it is normal for you to sleep at night and be awake during the day. Also, your dream will be of more quality as well. If for your work or other reasons you have to be awake at night and sleep during the day, follow the previous sections eliminating the ambient blue light. Do not forget that the sun also emits blue light. For that same reason, it is recommended to adapt to the day-night cycle after a transatlantic trip: this way you will avoid jet-lag. ✈

mujer durmiendo en el tren

5. Practice sports

Strenuous exercise is excellent, pero️ but do not practice it shortly before going to bed, since it reactivates the body. If possible, ends with a massage. The vibration system IMS ENERGY ™ of the TEC MOON Pro is a great ally for athletes, helping the muscle recovery after the exercise.

6. Heat induces sleep

But in the body, not in the environment. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the room cool, ventilate during the day and before sleep activate the thermotherapy WARM FEET ™ in the area of the feet. ? This technology is introduced in the TEC MOON Pro by a special fabric with some conductive filaments. When the electric current passes, a nice heat controlled which produces a subtle increase in temperature. ? Applied in the area of the feet translates into a drop in blood pressure that facilitates sleep conciliation.

7. Avoid heavy meals, alcohol and tobacco before bedtime

It is best to make a light dinner ? at least two hours before sleep. Just do not skip it. To be many hours without eating before sleeping is even worse. There is a biorhythm of food, according to which the ideal is to have breakfast between 7 and 9 in the morning, eat between 12 and 14 hours and dinner between the 19 and the 21 hours.

8. Caffeine by day

It is not harmful to drink stimulant drinks such as coffee, ☕ tea or cola if you consume them at least seven hours before going to sleep. In fact, they contribute to being more active by day and so sleep better at night. ?

9. Some foods help

The percussor of the aforementioned hormone melatonin, is the serotonin. This is found naturally in foods with tryptophan such as bananas, dairy products, eggs, blue fish, soybeans, whole grains, nuts or pineapple. You can combine them with foods with magnesium, with an effect ‘anti-stress’ and sedative, such as spinach or tofu. Try to include them in the dinner and observe the results. ?

10. Get up immediately when the alarm goes off

It does not matter how you slept. Not another minute. That will help adjust your pace and also keep you more active during the day. Test it.

Hombre acostado en la cama apaga el despertador

11. Light during the day

As we have commented, darkness induces sleep. Therefore, it is positive to be exposed to sunlight for the day and thus restore the wake-sleep cycle.

12. Choose a mattress and pillow

The life expectancy of a quality mattress ?? it’s about 10 years, although it is inferior for those who are not of quality. Also, keep it together with your pillow clean and allergen-free.

cama tecmoon vista completa

In TEC MOON We want you to rest well, wake up full of vitality and live with health your day to day. That’s why we pay attention to all the parameters of a mattress that make may your dream be restful, applying the latest technological advances in its manufacture.