Food that help you sleep better: all you need to know about them

In this article we are going to advise you not only about good food to fall asleep; also those recommended for optimal functioning of the primordial organ of our circulatory system.

9 alimentos para ayudarte a dormir mejor: todo lo que debes saber sobre ellosWhat food to sleep better.

Let’s see what foods you can eat with ease before going to sleep ? and can serve as a snack at your dinners.

 1. The sweet potato ?

It is a product very rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium that helps regulate the pressure of the arteries. It is very easy to digest and is considered one of the main foods that they help to sleep and improve blood circulation.

2. Pistachios

Among the main foods that contribute to To fall asleep. ? They are rich in protein and vitamin B6, but there is an important fact to keep in mind: they provide a lot of calories, so it is necessary to moderate their consumption before going to bed.

3. Dehydrated plums

They are nuts that contain vitamin B6 and calcium in abundance. They contribute to the melatonin segregation, the hormone that is responsible for normalizing sleep. On the other hand, they also help you to prevent and deal with hypertension. Another of its characteristics, among the most common of those that can help at the time of falling asleep, is that they generate a feeling of fullness. ? That is, help regulate appetite so that it is not compulsive.

4. Peanut butter ?

It’s true that peanuts are rich in protein, but we must contain their consumption due to its high caloric value. The contained fat is classified as monounsaturated and, therefore, is related to a decrease in the risk of developing some type of heart disease. ?

5. The infusions ?

Drink very characteristic when taking measures to fall asleep. There is an interesting catalog of infusions that can help you sleep overnight. For example:

– Valeriana: The valerian plant helps you achieve a better balance of the nervous system and, likewise, relax the muscles. ??Also characterized by being a herbaceous with great repairing effect that promotes deep sleep

-Melissa: This infusion is aimed especially at people who lightly reveal and in general they are quite nervous. Thanks to its properties, it helps your Central nervous system relax.

-Tila: It is another type of plant that can help you coping with insomnia. It has numerous properties, but here we will highlight the somniferous and soothing. ✨ As an additional advantage, it will help alleviate gastrointestinal complications.

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6. The bitter chocolate ?

This type of chocolate has an abundant amount of serotonin. Among its benefits, promotes the relaxation of your body and mind. In addition, it reinforces the reduction of blood pressure, improves blood circulation and increases the feeling of fullness.

7. The banana ?

Source of potassium and vitamin B6, provides a feeling of relaxation This is because in plantain it is also quite rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid component of the proteins that helps in the segregation of serotonin, the hormone that works as a natural sedative. This way, if you eat a piece of this fruit at dinner you will get your brain to secrete more serotonin, you will feel more relaxed and you will be predisposed to rest.

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8. Whole grains

Whole grains are an excellent supplier of tryptophan, which, as you know, is responsible for promoting the secretion of serotonin and help you relax. This type of cereals also contain abundant vitamins of group B, indispensable in the operation of the nervous system.

9. Honey ?

Since honey contains glucose, it stimulates in the brain ? the decrease in the work of orexin, a substance that is linked to wakefulness. For this reason, if you add a little honey to the milk before going to bed you can catch sleep more easily

And what food are harmful to sleep?

On the other hand, it is also essential that you know what kind of meals make it difficult to get to sleep.

1. The orange juice ?

Certain juices, such as orange juice, can reach produce acidity if you take them before going to bed.

2. Ham and treated meats ?

They are a series of products that you should not eat at night for its high amounts of sodium. As a result, it is possible that you get up at night thirsty, causing you to unveil. Surely you know what I’m talking about.

3. Coffee ☕

It is known as a powerful stimulant, so its consumption is not recommended during the night. In fact, it is advised not to drink coffee after six in the afternoon.

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4. Alcohol ?

Most people believe that having a drink before bedtime helps them sleep better. This fact is completely false, because alcohol prevents reaching the deepest stages of sleep.

5. The pasta ?

Taking it at night results very heavy for digestion. and carries a serious burden on the digestive system.
Therefore, if you have problems at the time of falling asleep, it is very important that you start eliminating all the foods we have explained above from your dinners.

Finally, introduce into your diet those foods that help you sleep but consume them in their proper measure. And do not forget to exercise and have a good mattress to rest properly ?? It is also important for your own health.