The keys of Rudy Fernández to sleep better

The basketball player tells us how his rest has improved since he sleeps in his TEC MOON.

International with the senior team, ex-NBA, world champion, Olympic medalist, ? three-time continental champion … These are just some milestones of his brilliant track record. As an elite athlete that is, Rudy Fernández ? details in this interview the transcendence that for him has in his day to day a adequate rest and recovery.

The three values that make up a healthy lifestyle are sports, nutrition and rest. How important is the latter for an elite athlete like you?

Well, of those three pillars, sport for me is logically essential. The feeding It is improving a lot and more and more sportspeople worry about it. In this sense, just as there are studies in nutrition, TEC MOON is carrying them out in the field of break. ? I think that pillar should also be a priority not only for professional athletes; also for those who are not but practice exercise regularly. I try to make the most of the three, and as a father I try to instill those values in my son. Being a parent you prioritize rest very much because the hours you have to rest you have to take advantage of them well so you can continue competing, ⛹?♂️ but also to dedicate time to my son when he wants to play, for example. For me rest is fundamental.

Tell us what difference you have noticed regarding other rest systems, being also a person who travels so much for their work.

You can imagine in the amount of hotels ? that I could be and the mattresses that I could try. TEC MOON offers you many variations of massages that otherwise you could not give yourself because it’s hard to go every day to a physiotherapist or doctor ??⚕️ to be well. With TEC MOON I can give myself a massage while I am at home quiet reading a book or relaxed watching TV. Have 7 different functions and, depending on the state I’m in and how I want to meet the next day if we have a match or Recovery after playing, I can schedule the massage that best fits my needs.

Rudy Fernández de brazos cruzados con la cama TEC MOON atrás

How is that routine at home the night after a game?

In my case, it was very difficult for me to sleep, and many times I stayed until I had many because I could not sleep. This now with TEC MOON has finished. It ended that ordeal of being up until 4 in the morning awake. In 15 minutes I I sleep easily. ?
Nobody had ever proposed such an alternative to me. TEC MOON for me has played a very important key that is the rest before and after a game. I also like to let me advise for them. They have many specialists who help you, something that always comes in handy whether you are athletic or not.

There is another member of the family who uses specially the WARM FEET ™ thermotherapy …

Yes, Helen always has cold feet and at night we make that game of “look, I have cold feet”. ? We do not have that problem because now everyone has their own independent space and whoever wants to can be with warm feet. Personally I also usually use the thermotherapy because it helps me keep my feet at the same temperature all night, and I appreciate that the next day.

Any routine beyond the rest you do before going to sleep?

Well, first I put my son to bed and then Helen and I, maybe we watch a little television. ? But with the season so long and the children right now what we want is rest on the mattress. ?? Sometimes it is true that we start reading each one in bed, but very few because when we get to the room we want to rest quickly for the next day to start again.

Rudy Fernández sentado en un TEC MOON con las piernas cruzadas

Finally, your favorite sleeping position?

I have spoken with specialists and with many people to have good postural habits. Before I always slept face down, the worst position. ? Now I do it on my side and try to put a cushion between my legs. The truth is that for the choice of a mattress I have always been very demanding. If I go to a hotel and the bed I do not like I am able to sleep with the mattress on the floor. Since I sleep in a TEC MOON, all that is over. Rest and recovery is even more essential with 34 years if I want to prolong my sports race. ??