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If, when it comes to resting you want nothing but the best from a high-end mattress, you have come to the right place, because TEC MOON offers you a wide range of high-end mattresses, made from materials with multiple beneficial properties for health, equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies that will provide the best support to every part of your body while you sleep.

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For a Premium rest, you have two high-end TEC MOON mattresses to choose from: the TEC MOON Pro and the TEC MOON Pro S.

Whatever one you go for, you will get the rest you need and the sleep you deserve, as both mattresses are designed with high-quality materials and technologies developed in our R&D centre, offering you the highest levels of comfort, breathability and ergonomics for a proper night´s sleep.


Enjoy a top-quality premium sleep with a high-end TEC MOON mattress”.

TEC MOON high-end mattresses,

the best option to sleep better.

How well we rest heavily depends on the quality of our mattress, as mattresses must be able to provide us with the comfort, stability and breathability required to get an optimum level of rest, as well as be able to offer our body adequate support to prevent bad posture.

The high-end TEC MOON Pro and Pro S mattresses will be sure to help you get a wonderful sleep, providing you with the comfort, ergonomics, breathability and maintenance you require.

Our high-end TEC MOON mattress will adapt to your body and your posture while you sleep, ensuring that you get a better rest, thus boosting your energy levels and improving your overall health.

High-end TEC MOON Pro and Pro S mattresses.

Although all TEC MOON mattresses are of the highest quality and have all the materials and technologies necessary to ensure optimal sleep; the TEC MOON Pro and Pro S mattresses are our two highest quality mattresses, offering you the perfect conditions for a good night’s sleep.


Our high-end TEC MOON Pro and Pro S mattresses incorporate 4-LAYER CORE™, an exclusive third generation 30cm-thick core, which will provide the ideal support to each area of your body, ensuring the correct position of your spine while you sleep, preventing pain and discomfort in your back and neck.

The 4-LAYER CORE™ technology guarantees maximum firmness without sacrificing comfort, allowing you to move throughout the night without being woken up or sinking into the mattress.

Furthermore, the high-end double TEC MOON mattresses have independent ”sides”, so if your partner moves around at night, you won’t notice a thing.


The  TEC MOON high-end mattresses come with the SMARTISSUE™ technology, implementing nanotechnology and using bio-healthy materials with beneficial properties that will ensure you get a proper rest and recover in the most effective way possible.

We engineer, on a nanometric scale, each of the nanoparticles generated, which are microencapsulated into our mattresses, resulting in textiles with smart and effective finishes that have anti-allergic properties.


Good maintenance is of utmost importance when it comes to conserving the mattress´ properties over time, which is why TEC MOON high-end mattresses incorporate the UV-CLEAN™ technology, that will allow you to comfortably clean the mattress and get rid of bacteria and mites that have built up, by exposing it to sunlight for two minutes.

When the sun’s rays shine on the mattress, a hexagonal mesh will appear on the fabric indicating that the self-cleaning process has begun, activating the mattress´ bactericidal, fungicidal and acaricidal properties.


The high-end TEC MOON Pro S mattress is also equipped with IMS ENERGY™ and WARM FEET™ technology, allowing you to enjoy an unmatched rest experience, above and beyond anything a conventional mattress can offer.

The WARM FEET™ technology will bring warmth to the lower end of the mattress, preventing your feet from getting cold while you sleep. It will cause your blood pressure to drop naturally, reaching the ideal thermal balance for falling asleep and enjoying the experience.

The IMS ENERGY™ technology offers you 7 sleep massage functionsrelaxing, analgesic, decontracting, proprioceptive, lymphatic, circulatory and detox. You will enjoy a rest like never before, tailored to you, through a vibrating massage that will help you to unwind and relax, reduce stress, alleviate contractures and strengthen the nervous system.

You will be able to control the IMS ENERGY™ and WARM FEET™ technology from a wireless remote control or from your mobile phone, so you can adjust the temperature of the feet and choose the most suitable massage program for a rest like never before.


With a high-end TEC MOON mattress, you will get the rest you deserve”.

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