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We know how important a good mattress is for your rest, so at TEC MOON we offer you the opportunity to buy a mid-range mattress with the best value for money, so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep. Ready to forget about waking up with aches and pains?

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A quality mattress does not have to be expensive, and the proof is in the TEC MOON mid-range mattresses, made with the highest quality materials that are beneficial to your health and with the most advanced technologies so that your body enjoys the best support while you sleep.

TEC MOON mid-range mattresses Prime and Prime S will be your greatest allies when you sleep, and you’ll be convinced as soon as you try them. Want to learn more?


The best rest at the best price”.


TEC MOON mid-range mattresses

Prime and Prime S.

We have two mid-range mattresses to choose from: TEC MOON Prime and TEC MOON Prime S.

Both versions offer unbeatable value for money, providing you with maximum comfort and the best support for your body, whatever your posture.

Second-generation 4-LAYER CORE™

TEC MOON mid-range mattresses Prime and Prime S include a 4-LAYER CORE™, a third generation core that will offer the perfect support to every area of your body whatever your posture.

Its 30 centimetres thickness helps your spine stay in the correct position while you sleep, getting rid of the usual aches and pains in the back and neck.

The 4-LAYER CORE™ combines maximum firmness and comfort, and are made with independent beds, avoiding the typical discomfort and sagging of traditional mattresses. You’ll be able to move around all night.


TEC MOON mid-range mattresses Prime and Prime S include SMARTISSUE™ and UV-CLEAN™ technologies, which means we can offer you a mattress with anti-allergic and self-cleaning properties.

SMARTISSUE™ technology uses bio-healthy materials through nanotechnology, which offers a superior sleep and a better recovery during the night.

The generated nanoparticles are used on a nanometre scale, and we incorporate them into the microencapsulated mattresses. This is how we produce fabrics with anti-allergic, smart and effective properties.

The UV-CLEAN™ technology self-cleans the mattress when you expose it to sunlight for two minutes, which will help to perfectly maintain the properties of the mattress over time.

Expose the mattress to the sun and a hexagonal mesh will appear which will activate the bactericidal, fungicidal and acaricidal properties of the mattress, indicating that the cleaning process has begun. It will quickly and efficiently get rid of all bacteria and mites.


The TEC MOON mid-range mattresses also include the coronavirus neutralizer Viruclean®, a self-cleaning technology based on permanent nanoparticles, designed to distribute the outer membranes of viruses in just a few minutes, neutralizing them quickly and effectively.


Eliminates coronavirus by 99.84%”.


The Prime S mid-range mattress boasts IMS ENERGY™ technology, a relaxing massaging system with 7 different modes, allowing you to choose the one you like best according to your needs, so you can enjoy greater comfort in your rest.


Relaxing, analgesic, decontracting, proprioceptive, lymphatic, circulatory and detox”.

You will receive a relaxing vibrating massage with different speeds and intensities in the area of the body you wish. You can also customise it using the remote control so that you do not have to move a muscle.

TEC MOON Prime mid range mattress
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WARM FEET™ technology

The Prime S mid-range mattress also has WARM FEET™ technology, which offers a thermotherapy treatment with localized heat to the feet.

WARM FEET™ technology increases the temperature in the feet and improves peripheral vasodilation, creating the ideal temperature for your body at any time of the year.

Localized heat reduces blood pressure, helping to relax the soles of your feet and offer a superior rest, through a gentle localized thermotherapy that will also relieve joint, bone or muscle aches and pains in the feet.

If it is time to change your mattress and you are looking for the best value for money, TEC MOON mid-range mattresses will offer you the rest you need at the best price. Try them. You won’t regret it.


Prime and Prime S, high quality mid-range mattresses at an unbeatable price”.

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