Buy an anti-dust mite pillow

If you suffer from any type of allergies and have problems while you sleep, buying an anti-dust mite pillow will be your best bet, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep in the best conditions, without the allergies affecting your rest.

The anti-dust mite pillows act as a protective barrier to combat the effects that dust mites have in the body when they enter our system through our breathing.

We give you the TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow, with which you can protect yourself against mites in the most effective way and enjoy greater comfort while you rest.

almohada antiacaros TEC MOON Flow S

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Anti-dust mite pillows

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anti-dust mite pillow.

Dust mites are the main culprits for most allergies, which can manifest in different ways depending on how they affect each person.

Since dust mites adhere to pillows, having an anti-dust mite pillow is essential for those who suffer from allergies, offering the protection they need.

With the TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow, being allergic to mites will no longer be a problem, as it is equipped with the most effective protection and cleaning technologies, allowing you to get quality sleep while fighting dust mites.

UV-CLEAN™ Self-Cleaning Solar Technology

The TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow is equipped with UV-CLEAN™ self-cleaning solar technology, designed to eliminate dust mites and bacteria that accumulate on the pillow in the most effective way.

With the UV-CLEAN™  technology, keeping your pillow always clean is easy, as all you have to do is expose the anti-dust mite pillow to sunlight for two minutes, and a hexagonal mesh will automatically appear that will activate the bactericidal, fungicidal and acaricidal properties of the pillow, getting rid of all dust mites.

SMARTISSUE™ technology with mineral microgranulations

The TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow also features  SMARTISSUE™ technology, which reduces the allergic symptoms caused by dust mites, thanks to the pillow’s fabric that has been carefully made with the application of nanotechnology.

comillasActive carbon, silver, gold, amethyst, graphene, pearl powder, jade, tourmaline and copper”.

We make the anti-dust mite pillow with mineral microgranulations and bio-healthy materials, achieving a smart finish on the textiles that provide you with a quality night’s rest and effective recovery while you sleep.

TEC MOON Flow antiacaros
TEC MOON Flow S antiacaros

Other advantages of sleeping

with the TEC MOON Flow S

Anti-Dust Mite Pillow


In addition to being anti-dust mite and being made with minerals and bio-healthy materials, when sleeping with the TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow, you’ll enjoy many other benefits:


Maximum breathability:

The TEC MOON Flow S is an anti-dust mite pillow that offers maximum breathability, equipped with a soft pillowcase made of a breathable fabric on the outside and an anti-wrinkle heat evacuation core on the inside, which conducts excess heat up to 100 times faster than a traditional pillow.

It features an internal core that promotes the exchange and dissipation of excess heat, maintaining an ideal pillow temperature at all times and preventing you from sweating.

Two-foam core:

The TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow has a two-foam corea blue one that conducts heat and another white one that keeps heat in. This way, the pillow is guaranteed to have an ideal temperature at all times, favouring the evacuation of heat in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter.


Win the battle against dust mites with the TEC MOON Flow S anti-dust mite pillow”.

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