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If you like to sleep on your side but your pillow doesn’t give you the necessary support and comfort, and you wake up every day with neck pain, the solution to enjoying a quality rest is to buy an extra firm pillow. And at TEC MOON we have the perfect one for you.

A good firm pillow combines firmness and adaptability, guaranteeing the best head support without sacrificing comfort. It is the best option for people who sleep on their side.

TEC MOON extra firm pillows offer just that, protecting your head and neck from tension, and giving you maximum comfort, whatever movement you make during the night.

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Discover TEC MOON Flow extra firm pillow”.

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Extra firm pillows

TEC MOON Flow and Flow S.

The right firmness and height for every posture

With the TEC MOON Flow S extra firm pillow your neck will always be comfortable and your head will be properly supported, helping you to sleep on your side, which is the most beneficial position.

Our firm pillow offers three different heights (100mm, 116.5mm and 125mm) that always keep your neck and back aligned. You’ll find it easier to fall asleep and more importantly, stay asleep.

Core with two different firmnesses

The TEC MOON Flow S extra firm pillow has a core with two firmnesses differentiated by colour, so you can choose the best one for your needs and enjoy maximum comfort.

The Viscool blue foam is firmer, and also helps to conduct and expel heat during warm periods. It has a density of 55kg/m3 and a compression of 1.50 kpa.

The white ikon foam is softer and helps to conserve heat, ideal for cold periods, giving you the warmth you need. It has a density of 50kg/m3 and a compression of 1.10 kpa.

Our extra firm pillow, your mattress’ best ally

The firmness of your mattress directly influences your posture while you sleep. If it’s too hard you will find it difficult to sleep on your side, and if it’s too soft it won’t give you the right support.

The TEC MOON firm pillow will compensate any firmness problems your mattress may have, adapting to your body and allowing you to sleep in your favourite position, keeping your head and neck aligned on any mattress.

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Prevents the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep


The core with separate surfaces of the TEC MOON Flow firm pillow prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

While we sleep cellular regeneration takes place, and TEC MOON extra firm pillows relax the skin on your face, preventing tension that can cause the appearance of wrinkles.

Remember that to enjoy the perfect rest the pillow is very important, and if you sleep on your side a TEC MOON extra firm pillow is your best option, giving you both the firmness and comfort you need.


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