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Pillows play a particularly important role in our sleep and we should choose them according to our sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or toss and turn during the night, you need a medium-firm pillow.

nucleo almohada firmeza media

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The stiffness of a medium-firm pillow is perfectly suited to the natural curve of the neck to prevent aches and pains and providecomfort. It is not too thick or too thin, which helps the neck vertebrae stay in a fully natural and healthy position.

The TEC MOON Flow S medium-firm pillow is the perfect match for you and your sleeping as it provides the necessary firmness and adaptability so that your head is always comfortable, protected, and supported. No matter how much you move around, your head and neck will always be at the right height.


medium-firm pillow.

Your neck will always be properly supported

Do you sleep on your back? Do you fall asleep in one position and wake up in a completely different one? If this happens to you, you need a medium-firm pillow and the TEC MOON Flow S is just the one for you, however you sleep in during the night.

The TEC MOON medium-firm pillow ensures your neck is always at the right height and your head is fully supported.


A medium-firm three height pillow

The secret to the success of the TEC MOON Flow S is that it offers three different heights, 100mm, 116.5mm, and 125mm, which helps to keep your neck and back fully in line when you sleep on your back or in any other position. Falling, and more importantly, staying asleep will no longer be a problem.


Two firmness dual foam core

To adapt to any position and always offer your head the best support, the TEC MOON Flow S medium-firm pillow contains an advanced two colour, multi-firmness dual foam core that provides the firmness needed for each position. Turn it over, turn it back over, and get the night’s sleep you deserve.

The blue Viscool foam is the firmest, with a density of 55kg/m3 and 1.50kpa pressure. It helps dissipate and draw away heat when the temperature is high to keep you fresh during the night.

The white iKon foam is softer and smoother, with a density of 50kg/m3 and pressure of 1.10kpa. It is perfect for the winter months and conserves heat for the ideal temperature all night.

Our medium-firm pillow is not too hard or too soft, it provides the right level of support without ever being uncomfortable. It also alleviates possible firmness issues with your mattress.


Say goodbye to wrinkles whilst you sleep

In addition to providing your head and neck the necessary support, the TEC MOON Flow S medium-firm pillow features a core of separate surfaces, which helps relax facial tissue and prevents skin tightening during the night.

Cells regenerate while we sleep, and our medium-firm pillow prevents the appearance of wrinkles normally brought on by using a conventional pillow.

almohada firmeza media tec moon flow s
dos nucleos de almohada de firmeza media

UV-CLEAN™ and SMARTISSUE™ technology

For enhanced comfort and safety, we have included UV-CLEAN™ and SMARTISSUE™in the TEC MOON Flow S medium-firm pillow.

UV-CLEAN™ technology boosts the removal of mite and bacteria build-up on the pillow. This self-sanitising technology kills mite and bacteria build-up when it is exposed to sunlight for two minutes, which activates the pillow’s antibacterial, fungicide, and acaricide properties.

SMARTISSUE™ technology is hypoallergenic thanks to the rigorous nanotechnology production of its fabrics, which reduce mite, bacteria, and fungus build-up on the pillow.


Active carbon, silver, gold, amethyst, graphene, pearl powder, jade, tourmaline and copper”.

Our medium-firm pillow is made with microgranular minerals and bio-healthy materials, which provides a smart textile finish for greater rest and more efficient recovery.


If you sleep on your back, the TEC MOON Flow S medium-firm pillow is just the pillow for you”.

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