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If you have a new, quality mattress, but you still wake up with neck and back pain, the time has come to buy the TEC MOON neck pillow, from which your neck will receive the best support and which will make your spine feel more relaxed.

núcleos almohada inteligente TEC MOON Flow S

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The TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow will help maintain your body´s natural position and to correct the posture of your spine, adapting to your needs at all times.

Designed for the well-being of the neck and back, our neck pillow comes with a double foam core and two different heights that are fully adjustable to your body, back and neck, to prevent pain, contractures and bad posture.

Discover the TEC MOON Flow S and give your neck and back the rest they deserve.

Why buy the TEC MOON Flow S

neck pillow?


Our most advanced pillow”.

If you constantly suffer from neck and back pain, apart from visiting a specialist, and performing exercises and stretches to strengthen this area of the body, you need a high-quality neck pillow, such as the TEC MOON Flow S that we explain in more detail below.

With the TEC MOON Flow S your spine will get a proper rest, releasing tension in your neck, adapting to any sleeping position.

The TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow prevents pain caused by poor neck posture while sleeping, providing the appropriate firmness to strengthen the neck and back areas.


It adapts to your posture at all times

The TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow has a double foam core, two-sided cover and can be adjusted in three heights, offering you multiple personalisation options that will adapt to your posture, giving you the best support and ensuring you get the best rest at all times.


Combine its core and cover to ensure that you buy the one that best suits you at any given moment”.

It has two internal foams; one for warmer times of year and one for colder seasons. By combining them, you will enjoy three different heights and two different levels of firmness.

The exterior cover offers two different fabrics, designed to prevent moisture and sweating in your bed.

It has a grid structure that acts as an anti-wrinkle facial, preventing stretching in the face while you sleep, which is when cell regeneration occurs.


Select the height of the pillow that best suits you

With the TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow, you can choose the height that best suits you, so that your spine is always properly aligned.

Its three heights, combined with its double core, ensure that your body, back and neck are perfectly aligned, which will help you fall asleep and most importantly, sleep right through the night.

The three heights will help you to adopt the lateral sleeping position, which is considered to be the most suitable, resulting in better breathing, relaxation and contributing to transpiration of heat through the back.



The TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow is manufactured using the exclusive SMARTISSUE™ and UV-CLEAN™ technologies that are used in our mattresses.


Rest like you´ve never dreamed of before.

The Smartissue™ technology incorporates bio-healthy tissues and nanotechnology, ensuring the best rest and promoting physical recovery.


Active carbon, silver, gold, amethyst, graphene, pearl powder, jade, tourmaline and copper”.

The UV-CLEAN™  technology, will get rid of bacteria and mites that have built up, by exposing it to sunlight for two minutes. This will keep it in the best condition and extend its useful life.

almohada cervical de espuma viscoelastica
lavar almohada viscoelastica
almohada anatomica viscoelastica

Goodbye to sweat

Forget about night sweats and moisture, as the TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow fibres are made with yarns with minimal water absorption, ensuring maximum permeability of the vapour produced, leaving the surface dry but soft.

Any movement you make aids the flow of air through its channels and the open-pore lattice of its viscoelastic foam.

The TEC MOON Flow S´ cover has a cool fabric with fibres, that draw out excess heat up to 100 times faster than a conventional pillow, ensuring maximum breathability.

Get the TEC MOON Flow S neck pillow and neck pain at night will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the best rest and a good night´s sleep so you wake up as fresh as a daisy.

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