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Pillows play a crucial rule in our sleep by giving us the support we need to keep our head in the right position and relax our neck muscles. That’s why at TEC MOON we think you should invest in a smart pillow that adapts to you and makes sure you get the replenishing night’s sleep you deserve.

Our smart pillow not only gives you the support and comfort you need, it will also always be at just the right temperature, can be fully customised, will give you great breathability, and will even prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

If you want to significantly improve your sleeping, the TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow is exactly what you need.

almohada inteligente TEC MOON Flow S


The smart pillow that adapts to you and the conditions all year round”.

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Dual foam core for the perfect temperature at all times

The TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow has a dual foam core that adapts to every season, to provide an even temperature all over your body at all times.

The The blue foam is for the hottest months, as it acts as a dissipating heat conductor, whilst the white foam is designed for the colder months, to conserve and retain heat.

You will enjoy the perfect temperature all year round from all the foams that are easily accessible via the three-sided outer zip.

Two-sided cover

Our TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow has a cover made from two different fabrics to ensure the greatest breathability.

POne side uses our classic, smooth grey material, and the other features a cool fabric with excess heat-reducing fibres, which can draw heat away up to 100 times quicker than a conventional pillow.

Always dry smart pillow

If you sweat heavily and your pillow is always soaked, we guarantee thatthe TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow will always be dry.

We have made it with fibres spun for low water absorptionwhich provide high permeability for vapor to ensure that the surface of the pillow remains dry and soft.

Your  night-time movements boost airflow through the channels and open-pore mesh of the TEC MOON Flow S’ viscoelastic material. Sweating will no longer be an issue.

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núcleos almohada inteligente TEC MOON Flow S

Back and neck always in line

The TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow offers three different heights so that your back and neck are fully aligned, no matter what position you sleep in.


TEC MOON Flow S is a smart pillow that helps you fall and stay asleep”.

The three heights and dual foam core help you sleep in the ideal side position, which improves your breathing and perspiration and relaxes your heart.

Say goodbye to wrinkles whilst you sleep

Our TEC MOON smart pillow means you can forget about wrinkles whilst you sleep, as its grid structure prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It not only gives you a better night’s sleep, but also a smooth and healthy face.

Revitalise your body as you sleep

The TEC Moon Flow S smart pillow features SMARTISSUE™ technology,  which we make from bio-healthy nanotechnology fabrics which aid body recovery and ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

Removes bacteria and mite build-up in just two minutes

UV-CLEAN™ sanitising technology removes bacteria and mite build-up in just two minutes, so that you can keep it clean, in great condition, and extend its useful life.

You just need to leave the TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow in sunlightand a hexagonal mesh will appear automatically and activate the pillow’s antibacterial, fungicide, and acaricide properties. As good as new in just two minutes.


Get the rest you deserve with the TEC MOON Flow S smart pillow”.

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