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Pillows play a crucial role in our sleep and rest, which is why it is hugely important to choose a quality pillow that fully meets our needs, and this is where TEC MOON viscoelastic pillows come to the fore as a guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

Almohada Viscoelastica

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The viscoelastic pillow that adapts to your head.”

TEC MOON viscoelastic pillows will snugly fit the contours of your head, ensuring you get a replenishing and quality night’s sleep that will allow you to enjoy your days much more.

When you buy a TEC MOON viscoelastic pillow you are getting a pillow full of cutting-edge technology made from smart and healthy fabrics which adapts to you whilst keeping its shape to remove pressure and get rid of neck problems.

Choose one of our TEC MOON Flow and Flow S viscoelastic pillows to give your head a real treat. You won’t regret it.

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viscoelastic pillows”.

Our viscoelastic pillows feature a polyurethane Viscool core with heat-dissipating channels that combat face wrinkles by removing stress on the hot areas of the face and preventing premature ageing.

TEC MOON viscoelastic pillows relax facial tissue during cellular regeneration, which aids movement in each stage of sleep thanks to its breathable and elastic fabric.

What’s more, viscoelastic pillows stay balanced with your entire body to provide the right temperature in the neck, ears, and face area, where over 40 litres of blood flow every hour, warming or cooling you as you need.

Forget about sweating, as TEC MOON viscoelastic pillows channel humidity to the colder areas of the core which keeps the pillow dry at all times.

TEC MOON Flow S viscoelastic pillows: rest better.

TEC MOON Flow S viscoelastic pillows have a dual foam core, a two-sided cover, and three height settings, offering extensive customisation options so you can choose the best pillow for each moment.

The The blue foam is firmer, conducts heat, and draws it away when the temperature is higher, whilst the white foam is smoother and conserves heat in the cold to give you just the right temperature you need for sleeping. You can easily access them and choose the one you want using the three-sided outer zip.

The two-sided cover is made from two different fabrics, for great breathability in both which draws away heat up to 100 times faster than a conventional pillow.

Three different height settings are offered by combining the two cores, which fully adapt to your body, back, and neck to make sure they stay in line. This is ideal for people who sleep on their side.

Alongside all these features TEC MOON Pro S viscoelastic pillows also come with SMARTISSUE™ technology, and we have made it with bio-healthy nanotechnology fabrics, which aid body recovery and ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

UV-CLEAN™ sanitising technology keeps it in perfect condition and extends its useful life by allowing you to remove bacteria and mite build-up on the pillow by simply leaving it in sunlight for two minutes.

At TEC MOON we can help you buy the viscoelastic pillow that best meets your needs. Get in touch for personalised advice with no obligations to buy.

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