The importance of rest in professional music: Ángela Casals

For an international violinist, almost permanently on tour, the quality of a mattress is key to guarantee an optimal recovery between concert and concert.

rest in the professional environmentWe wanted to chat with Angela Casals international violinist of the prestigious Film Symphony Orchestra or Quartet Contreras and TEC MOON ambassador to tell us her own experience applied to a profession so demanding in the physical and intellectual. Angela has been suffering for years insomnia and it costs fall asleep easily.

Angela, you are a professional violinist and a professor of criminal law. In principle two worlds that have nothing to do. Which of the two is more vocational

I am a violinist first of all. I play the violin since I was three years old. My complement has been law and political science. The truth is that at the second I never thought that I would dedicate myself. If you told me 10 years ago that I was going to dedicate myself to criminal law I would have told you that it is impossible. And less to teach. It was something that I saw very far away.

It is clear that you are very versatile, but how did you get to the point where we are? When did you become professional?

At the age of 19, I graduated as a violinist, then I studied law and political science and I have also done musicology. ? I have decided to combine the classes in the CEU San Pablo University with the violin. In addition, I have a doctorate with the first permanent prison thesis reviewable in Spain.
I’m crazy about the studio. I have taken several master’s degrees, one in criminology and another in violin. What I do is combine the two worlds instead of leaving one. I’m a library mouse. Sometimes life does not know where it will take you.

TEC MOON colchones

TEC MOON colchones

Ángela Casals en Tec Moon

Music is very artistic and your career in law and political science does not seem that much. Is there a point of union between the two?

Of course, without the creativity of music, I could not do the other. Criminal law is very normative implica and involves a lot of understanding of the language. People think that art is random, and art is very rigorous. Then with that rigor and that technique, you create the artist. The musicians are elite athletes in the studio, and when we went on stage we became the artist. But to become an artist, you have to be rigorous in the studio. The only problem is that many jurists do not understand that you are Professional musician, and many musicians do not understand that you also dedicate yourself to the right and earn money with something that is not music.

Let’s focus on your musical career. Fiddlers in particular suffer from postural muscle problems. Does TEC MOON help you in your day-to-day life in that aspect?

Well, when I’m on tour, I travel all over the world, and all those weekends I go from concert to concert. When you are away from home for so long, you discover all kinds of hotels. In general, the mattresses that we find in the rooms are not suitable for a proper rest. For us The mattress is our repair zone at night after the concert. When I get home it’s a huge change with my TEC MOON.

Colchón Tec Moon descanso

TEC MOON has the IMS ENERGY massage system. Do you follow some kind of routine when applying them?

Yes, I usually combine a massage and another according to the day. But above all I love applying it in all areas of the body when I’m lying down and feel it from top to bottom. The importance of sleeping for me it is very high, and what I do when I go to sleep is to combine it with the thermotherapy Warming my feet helps me a lot with my insomnia problems and council the dream in 5 minutes.

You say you suffer from insomnia, have you been with these problems for many years?

The TEC MOON has reduced them a lot. I do not know what this mattress but it catches you. The improvement has been evident. Shortly after finishing the massage that I have put, I fall asleep. Precisely for those insomnia problems that I have been suffering for years, I need something that contribute tranquility and relax. And the heat and especially that system vibration of his massages he gets every night.

And you? Tell us about your rest experiences in hotels you’ve been to. Are your mattresses of sufficient quality to rest as you deserve? And remember that the importance of good sleep is vital for your health.