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TEC MOON colchonesFlow S
TEC MOON colchones

From 134 € 107,20 €

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TEC MOON colchonesFlow
TEC MOON colchones

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UV-CLEAN ™ solar self-hygiene.


Smart fabrics with SMARTISSUE ™ nanotechnology.


Kernel with 2 configurations. Viscoelastic polyurethane.

2 strengths differentiated by colors. Firmer blue and softer white.

Viscoool blue foam: d-55kg / m3 – Compression 1.50 kpa.

White ikon foam: d-50kg / m3 – Compression 1.10 kpa.

Three different heights: 10 cm, 11,5 cm and 12 cm.

Viscoool viscoelastic polyurethane core in blue.

Density: 55 kg / m3.

Compression: 1.30 kpa.

Height: 9 cm.


100% polyester outer cover.

Without inner sleeve.

Tencel / polyester fabric on white face with pcm. and photoluminescent and photochromic finishes.

Scooby fabric on gray face with embroidered logo.

Border: mouse tail in turquoise blue.

Three-sided zipper.

100% polyester outer cover.

Without inner sleeve.

Anti-allergic fabric to mites, bacteria and fungi

Scooby fabric on both sides with embroidered logo.

Invisible black side zipper.

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