The 5 most frequent injuries in an athlete

Whether you’re a regular runner, cyclist, or gymnast in general, you can suffer a sports injury from improper exercise, inappropriate equipment, or poor nutrition.

frequent injuries in an athleteIn this article we will explain to you in principle what the most common injuries are ? along with some tips to prevent and relieve them if in your case you already suffer one of them.

Types of sports injuries.

  • Muscle injuries: are due to both external causes, such as blows or injuries; or internal causes, such as pulling, muscle tears ? or tears.
  • Strain injuries: can be mild or moderate. They are often due to repetitive movements or efforts that accumulate and go unnoticed until they manifest themselves.
  • Hamstring injuries: especially when you wear inadequate footwear ? or by exercising on too hard or uneven ground. To this group belong the majority of tendonitis in legs and feet.
  • Ligament injuries: these are sprains, torn ligaments or strains, especially. The most serious ones require a long rest to recover.
  • Bone injuries: those fractures or breaks in bones caused by a strong blow. In this case too, you may need a long period of inactivity for proper rehabilitation. ? This group also includes bone wear, inflammation of the periosteum and other bone problems.
  • Joint injuries: these are usually the most common sports injuries and occur while playing sports such as paddleball, football or basketball. They will cause you a lot of pain and can even lead to strokes.

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How to avoid sports injuries.

As we have been telling you, the first thing is that you must pay attention to the correct execution of the exercise in question. If you have any doubts, always follow the advice of a more experienced professional than you. Nowadays you have a multitude of online/offline channels that will help you to solve them. It is worthwhile from the beginning to pay attention to it so that you don’t get into the habit. The right equipment ? for every sport is equally essential to prevent injuries. There, take your time to choose a specific shoe. ? are key because of the direct involvement in your knees, hips or spine.

Never forget to warm up both at the beginning of physical activity ? and at the end, always emphasizing stretching. Warming up is often overlooked due to lack of time and is a big mistake. If you’re in a hurry, it’s better to cut 10 minutes out of your workout that day than to skip it. As you can imagine, a healthy and balanced diet apart is really important to reduce the chances of sports injuries.

And of course, if you are injured, whatever it is, respect the recommended rest periods. If you rush it, it could get worse and take longer to recover. ?

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The most common sports injuries.


When there is a stretch or tear in the ligaments surrounding the joint. The most common is the ankle. The area becomes inflamed, hurts intensely and sometimes prevents you from walking. There are different levels of severity, and you should rest until your doctor tells you to.

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Sprains in the joints of the fingers are also very common, which we know as “finger sprain”. It is common in ball sports ? and combat sports, such as judo. It is best to limit the movement of the finger with a bandage.

Cervical sprain is one of the most serious sports injuries, although its severity depends on the degree of instability and not on the intensity of the pain. It is usually due to sudden movements of the head and is detected by X-ray or MRI. It is usually treated by wearing a neck brace, with heat, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories and, subsequently, with rehabilitation.

Muscle tearing

It is given by a sudden pull of the muscle in the athlete who has trained little or not heated up enough. It is frequent the tear of the thigh in the riders ?? and of twin in mountaineers. It should be diagnosed by the doctor and treated with muscle relaxants. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

Injuries to the knees

A cruciate ligament injury can be caused by a sudden change in the direction of leg movement, a violent disturbance of the rhythm or a concussion. For example, it can occur when you brake suddenly during a race or put your leg down badly after a jump. It often occurs in sports such as basketball, cycling, paddle tennis, skiing and especially football. ⚽

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With regard to chronic injuries, the osteoarthritis in the knees, caused by the wear of the cartilages in the same because, in this case, the exercise. ??


It is the inflammation of a tendon. You can suffer from an excessive effort, a blow or an overload. It is very common in sports with repetitive movements, such as tennis ? or handball. The “Tennis elbow” or “golfer” belongs to this type of sports. The most common treatments are immobilization and rest.

Injury of labrum

It is one of the shoulder sports injuries more frequent. The glenoid labrum is a ring of cartilage that surrounds the base of the shoulder joint and it serves to give support and stability. The breaking of the labrum It can occur by the repetition of the same activity, a fall or in sports in which you have to raise your arms above your head. ??♂️ In severe cases it can lead to a dislocation. To recover you need physiotherapy and rest, at least, From three to four months. ?

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Relief of sports injuries.

Rest and medical consultation

First, it is important to follow medical treatment and respect the weather ? of rest that you have indicated. We often think that because of the fact not feel pain or discomfort (which happens often in fractures and sprains), we’re fine. But really it’s not so.

Try to do without analgesics

Analgesics may have side effects. In addition, pain can help us moderate physical activity and warn us that something is not working well. However, you can take painkillers if it is key to your healing or if it prevents you from carrying out necessary activities in your day-to-day life as sleep. ?

Bet on topical treatments

To avoid the side effects of oral analgesics you can resort to topical creams which are sold in pharmacies, physiotherapy or massages. Of course, it is important that you know exactly what injury you suffer ? and, if in doubt, consult with the doctor. If, for example, you have a fracture, the creams will be useless and the massages can even be harmful.

A massage before sleep

As we tell you, if you know your diagnosis and it is a contracture, muscle pain or stiffness, vibration massage is a great complement for mild sports injuries.
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Do you practice sports frequently and suffer from muscular or bone discomfort in particular? Share your experience ? and we will try to help you alleviate that ailment that brings you up head when you practice your favorite physical activity.