14 remedies to fight insomnia

It is a condition that reduces our quality of life. If it is chronic, it can affect your health, social life and daily activities. Unfortunately it is not easy to fight.

remedies to fight insomniaYou can suffer insomnia of onset If you have difficulty falling asleep and maintenance insomnia If you wake up too early or suffer from night awakenings of more than 30 minutes. ⏳ In any case, to treat it efficiently it is advisable to first know its origin.

Causes of insomnia.

First you must bear in mind that not all people have the same need for sleep. ? Most require about seven and a half hours of sleep a day. But there are people who with four hours feel good, and others, nevertheless they need ten. But if when waking up notes that you have not rested enough and this fatigue manifests during the day, begin to consider that you can have insomnia and in the way to fight it.

Medical causes

We talk about metabolic and hormonal, neurological, psychiatric or psychological, digestive, rheumatological diseases and all those that can interrupt the sleep for pain. ? We must also consider pregnancy, menopause or urination problems. Depending on its severity, it may be necessary to consult your doctor. ??⚕️

External causes

They occur mainly when you sleep badly for environmental reasons such as bad sleep habits, shift work, use and abuse of substances and medicines ? or simply because you are nervous about an important event.
Also when we do not know a clear cause of insomnia and we simply toss and turn in bed and can not sleep. Against all these causes of insomnia, point these 14 useful remedies that will surely help you to alleviate it.

Problemas de insomnio

Remedies to fight insomnia.

1- If you have any of the aforementioned medical causes, do not give it more laps. Something as simple as a visit to your doctor can end that annoying ailment that prevents you from sleeping every night.
2- Try go to bed and get up at the same time, ⏰ even on weekends.
3- If one day you do not sleep well, do not nap then. Hold until the night to have enough sleep at bedtime.
4- If the daily nap is going well, always try to keep it as long as it does not exceed 15 minutes a day.
5- Stay active during the day. ? Sport is very beneficial.

El ejercicio ayuda a combatir el insomnio

6- Take a walk ??♀️in the afternoon, even in the last two hours before going to bed.
7- The hot, ? if it’s not too much, it’s usually beneficial to fall asleep. But heat is not recommended in the environment, but in the body. That is, do not put the heating. Cover yourself well or sleep with a hot water bottle.
8- Go to bed only when you are sleepy.
9- Use the bed and the bedroom only to sleep. It is not advisable to have television ? in the same room.

No utilices aparatos electrónicos en la cama

10- Turn off electronic devices or keep them away from the bed. ?? It is proven that their waves interfere with the brain and can cause insomnia, especially the mobile.
11- Avoid the blue light before sleep. It is the one of the screens of the mobiles, tablets, television and some light bulbs. You can install filters or applications that avoid this light.
12- If you can not fall asleep or wake up at night and can not sleep, get up or Do some activity that relaxes you.
13- Haz light dinners ? and do not drink more than one unit of alcohol per day.
14- Descubre tu propio «sleep ritual» antes de dormir, como un baño de agua caliente o leer un libro. ?

Crea tu ritual de sueño

Thermotherapy and massages will help you sleep.

At TEC MOON we have investigated the causes of insomnia and the best solutions for falling asleep of natural form. Therefore, within our most advanced technology we apply our thermotherapy and massage systems as a key element for a restful sleep. We explain how they work.

Thermotherapy or thermal comfort method

TEC MOON incorporates into its rest system WARM FEET a technology with a special fabric with conductive filaments that generate a light controlled heat in the area of the feet. ? This is the ideal solution to heat only the part where the heat is more effective to sleep well. The subtle temperature rise in the feet slightly lowers blood pressure, translating into a very relaxing sensation and a progressive conciliation of sleep.

The investigations indicate that in the previous moments and during the same, the feet must raise the temperature between 0.5 and 1 degree. Otherwise, sleep conciliation can be delayed (home insomnia) and your own maintenance (insomnia of permanence) is at risk.

TEC MOON Council: connect the WARM FEET ™ 5 minutes before sleep to get to sleep and 15 minutes before getting up to relieve tension. In addition, people with cardiovascular problems will reduce the risk factors.

Consejos para reducir el insomnio

Intelligent massage system

In TEC MOON you will also find mattresses with technology IMS ENERGY ™ (Intelligent Massage System), a method of non-intrusive self-massage designed to treat fatigue, contractures or injuries ? and, precisely, insomnia depending on the function you choose. IMS ENERGY ™ combines massage techniques to prevent and combat pain and accelerate the recovery process. Their five programs  ? offer up to seven different massages depending on how you combine the speed and intensity of them:

– Detox: for the detoxification of impurities.
– Relaxing / Proprioceptive: induction of physiological relaxation and improvement of balance.
– Analgesic: prevention of lacerations, muscle aches and contractures.
– Lymphatic / Circulatory: improves drainage and stimulates the function of the immune system.
– Decontracting: acceleration in the recovery process of contractures.

Tecnología iMS Energy para mejorar tu sueño

That’s why the IMS ENERGY ™ massage system is perfect for:

– Obtain a quality rest.
– Reconcile sleep more quickly, even in case of insomnia in pregnancy.
– Toning the body in the morning before getting up.
– Relax the muscles producing a pleasant feeling of well-being.
– Help you in the recovery of certain muscular problems and stimulate circulation peripheral.
– Decrease fluid retention.

Do you have trouble sleeping? We invite you to share your experience with us by leaving a comment right below. ??