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Getting a good night´s sleep should be within everyone’s reach, which is why, at TEC MOON, you can get your hands on a cheap, high-quality product that will allow you to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed without having to break the bank.

colchon economico TEC MOON Pure

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With the cheap TEC MOON mattresses, the best possible rest is now within your reach, getting rid of tension and pain in your back or neck, with different options to choose from, as well as many different ways to make it easier for you to buy.


Money is no longer an excuse when it comes to rest with TEC MOON´s cheap mattresses”.

When you buy a TEC MOON cheap mattress you can pay in installments, so that your mattress is also comfortable to pay for, with financing options of up 24 months interest-free, or up to a maximum of 60 months at a low rate of interest.


our cheapest mattress

With different options available, the TEC MOON Pure is our cheapest mattress; you can get your hands on it for as little as €346. A mouth-watering price if we take into account that it has the most advanced technology and multiple beneficial properties for getting a perfect night´s sleep.

Furthermore, you can purchase a tailored TEC MOON Pure mattress, choosing the width (from 67.5 cm to 200 cm) and the length (from 180 cm to 200 cm) that best suits you.

All this with the added value of a 10-year guarantee, as well as free shipping and possible returns.


Get your TEC MOON cheap mattress now and enjoy the best rest at the best price”.

Why buy our cheap

TEC MOON mattress?

The TEC MOON Pure cheap mattress incorporates the latest-generation ergonomic core, which offers the best support to the different areas of your body, adapting to the user´s body and weight.

It offers excellent breathability, preventing sweating during the warmer months of the year. It improves air circulation by 95% and releases heat and moisture up to three times faster than traditional mattresses. It is made of a flexible energy foam that softens the body´s different pressure points.


The TEC MOON Pure incorporates a first-generation 4-LAYER CORE™ , that ensures the correct posture and support for the neck, back, hips, shoulders, arms and legs, adapting to your body and weight in the most effective way, as well as preventing possible muscular discomfort or bone pain when sleeping.

All this combined with an integrated multi-zone system, which ensures that your spine maintains a correct posture, for a perfectly supported back.


This cheap TEC MOON mattress is equipped with the Energex™ energetic viscoelastic foam, which offers far superior flexibility and has excellent pressure-relieving properties.

Energex™ perfectly adapts to all kinds of temperatures, always providing you with maximum comfort regardless of the room temperature, maintaining its firmness in cold environments and softening slightly when temperatures are higher.


With the aim of offering you the maximum level of breathability, the top layer of the TEC MOON Pure incorporates CoolFlow™ technology, with a unique open cell structure that boosts air circulation and dissipates heat and moisture much more effectively than conventional mattresses, automatically regulating humidity levels while you sleep.

If you have any questions about the TEC MOON Pure or would like to know more about our cheap mattresses, please get in touch with us with absolutely no obligation on your part. We will inform and advise you in order to help you buy the best mattress, at the best price.

colchón económico TEC MOON Pure
Free shipping

Free shipping

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10 years guarantee

10 years guarantee

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