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Given how important a mattress is to our rest and well-being, buying an ergonomic mattress is a safe bet for a good night’s sleep, ensuring that we maintain a correct posture throughout the night, and the best support for our body.

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Ergonomic mattresses adapt perfectly to different parts of the body, maintaining a correct posture and avoiding the classic back and neck problems we suffer when sleeping on a low quality mattress.

At TEC MOON you can buy quality ergonomic mattresses equipped with the most advanced technology, that adapt to each person’s body shape in the most effective way possible.

TEC MOON ergonomic mattress include 4 LAYER CORE™ of the first, second and third generation, which ensures our spine is in the correct position and good postural hygiene, which is highly beneficial to your sleep so that you can enjoy the best possible rest.


4-LAYER CORE™ offers the best support to each area of the body, avoiding back or neck pain, and excellent breathability”.

Aware that each person has different characteristics, at TEC MOON you can get the perfect ergonomic mattress for you. We have 6 different versions of ergonomic mattresses, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and allows you to enjoy the rest you deserve.

TEC MOON ergonomic mattresses

give you the healthiest and most relaxed rest.

When you buy an ergonomic mattress at TEC MOON you have different options to choose from, all of which come with 4-LAYER CORE™ and the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort and have no trouble sleeping.


The 4-LAYER CORE™ technology combines the Viscool®, Ikon® and Resilén® ZN SXS and Resilén® ZN SX HTS layers, which allows us to create a core of the latest generation that guarantees the correct posture of all the areas of your body, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and repairing night’s sleep.

Combining firmness and comfort, a TEC MOON ergonomic mattress gradually adapts to your body, without ever sinking, so if your partner moves, you won’t even notice. The top layers of the mattress also regulate your body temperature while you sleep.


TEC MOON ergonomic mattresses include SMARTISSUE™ technology, where the fabrics of each mattress have been manufactured using nanotechnology. Highly beneficial bio-healthy materials are used for the body’s recovery and the best rest, such as graphene, active carbon and other minerals such as gold, silver, copper, pearl powder, jade, amethyst and tourmaline.

We use these components in the mattress on a nanometre scale, allowing you to enjoy their anti-allergen properties, as well as shielding electromagnetic waves among many other advantages.


Energex™ technology offers different support to each area of the body, an energetic viscoelastic foam that provides greater flexibility and has excellent properties for relieving body pressure.

Energex™ automatically adjusts to the temperature, providing the best sleep conditions and uniform comfort in both hot and cold environments.


The exclusive CoolFlow™ open cell technology guarantees the best breathability, improving air circulation by 95% and reducing heat and humidity three times faster than conventional mattresses. This means that your bed is always the ideal temperature, regulating the temperature while you sleep.


TEC MOON ergonomic mattresses are antiallergenic, helping to get rid of mites and bacteria with the self-cleaning system UV-CLEAN™, which also helps to maintain the mattress and increase its life span.

Expose the mattress to sunlight for two minutes, and the bactericidal, fungicidal and acaricidal properties will activate, forming a purple hexagonal mesh which will mean that the bacteria and mites accumulated in the mattress have been eliminated.


In order to guarantee your utmost comfort and so that you can enjoy the best rest, TEC MOON ergonomic mattresses have  IMS ENERGY™ technology, a system of 7 different massages that can be controlled from a remote control or from your mobile phone. Our ergonomic mattresses also come equipped with  WARM FEET™ technology, which provides localized heat for your feet, so you don’t get cold in your sleep.

There are 6 different versions of TEC MOON ergonomic mattress for you to choose from (Pure, Prime, Prime S, Pro, Pro S and Kids). Each boast a number of different features so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and allows you to enjoy the best night’s rest.


Enjoy the best rest and support for your body with a TEC MOON ergonomic mattress”.

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