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TEC MOON luxury mattresses, featuring the most advanced active comfort and regenerative technology and made from the most exclusive and health-boosting materials for a pleasant and restful experience.

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If you don’t rest as you deserve, you’ll struggle to get to sleep or wake up with back pain, buying a TEC MOON luxury mattress is a safe bet. You’ll rest more and enjoy a better night’s sleep than ever before from the very first night.

All TEC MOON mattresses are luxury mattresses that adapt to you to give you the best rest possible. But if you are only happy with the very best, the TEC MOON Pro S luxury mattress is the mattress you need. Do you want to find out why?


The most exclusive and regenerative rest”.

TEC MOON Pro S luxury mattress,

the mattress your body needs.

The TEC MOON Pro S luxury mattress is a Premium quality mattress, that is able to adapt to your body and sleeping needs, made with high quality, extremely health-boosting materials, and boasting state-of-the-art technology. If you’re looking for a luxury mattress, this is the one for you.

The fully ergonomic TEC MOON Pro S includes a cutting-edge 30cm thick 4-LAYER CORE™, of Viscool®, Ikon® and Resilén® ZN SXS and Resilén® ZN SX HTS layers. In double mattresses, each side is independent.

The 4-LAYER CORE™ features Energex™ technology that offers specific support for every part of your body and guarantees good posture for your back while you sleep, and also includes open cell CoolFlow™ technology, which improves airflow by 95%, greatly improving breathability and reducing humidity and heat up to three times quicker than conventional mattresses.


Specific support for every part of your body and independent sides for a good night’s sleep”.

Our luxury mattresses won’t just give you a better night’s sleep, they will also improve your health, as we have manufactured them with bio-healthy nanotechnology materialsbecause we know your body is in direct contact with the fabrics.

With our SMARTISSUE™ technology we manipulate every nanoparticle at a nanometric level, microencapsulate, and insert them into the mattress to produce a smart finish with antiallergic properties.


Smart fabrics in contact with your body improve your health and sleep”.

Additionally, to make them easy to clean and extend their useful life, TEC MOON luxury mattresses feature exclusive UV-CLEAN™ technology, which allows you to sanitise the mattress and kill all bacteria and mite build-up on the surface just by putting it in the sun for two minutes.

Relax and recover as you sleep

with a TEC MOON Pro S luxury mattress.


Custom sleeping experience tailored to your needs.”

With the TEC MOON Pro S luxury mattress you can relax, disconnect, and recover as you sleep, by enjoying a pleasant and restorative full night’s sleep. This is thanks to the use ofIMS ENERGY™ and WARM FEET™ technology, which give you a custom sleeping experience tailored to your needs.

IMS ENERGY™ technology is a massage system offering 7 different modes, for you to choose the one that best suits your needs to give you a great night’s sleep and full recovery after exercise by improving blood flow and easing stiffness.

  • Relaxing.
  • Pain relief.
  • Deep tissue.
  • Proprioceptive.
  • Lymphatic
  • Blood flow.
  • Detox.


Customise your sleeping experience and sleep better than ever”.

Say goodbye to cold feet in bed thanks to WARM FEET™ technology, which heats the lower part of the mattress, to reduce blood pressure naturally and provide an unbeatable temperature all night long up to 10 times quicker than before. It helps you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep all night. You won’t want to get up.

You can lcontrol your mattress using a remote control or your phonel. Simple and easy, select the massage you want and set the mattress temperature and enjoy a good night’s sleep. You’ll love it.

Buy a TEC MOON luxury mattress and enjoy restful sleep and relaxation that will change your life. If you want to find out more about our luxury mattresses, contact us for more information with no obligations. We can offer you advice on anything you need.

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