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We want you to enjoy the rest you deserve, and for that we offer you the TEC MOON smart mattress. The mattress that will adapt perfectly to your body, your way of sleeping and your lifestyle, guaranteeing you maximum comfort and a quality rest so you can perform at your best day in day out.

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TEC MOON smart mattresses are exclusive mattresses that fit your sleeping habits and adapt to your needs for firmness and comfort, evolving with you to sleep more, and better.

Equipped with the most advanced active and regenerative comfort technology, all our smart mattresses are designed to adapt to the needs of each person and offer the comfort you need to enjoy a quality rest.

Discover which TEC MOON smart mattress is the one for you and enjoy the best night’s rest.


A smart mattress that adapts to you and offers you a customized rest.”

TEC MOON smart mattresses.

TEC MOON smart mattresses include 4-LAYER CORE™, a core of the latest generation that ensures your spine remains in a good position and prevents back pain, offering a different support to each area of the back, thanks to the combination of Energex™ and CoolFlow™ technologies.

Energex™ technology automatically adjusts the mattress temperature, adapting to the temperature of the environment, and CoolFlow™ technology increases air circulation by 95%, guaranteeing the best possible breathability.

When you buy a TEC MOON smart mattress you will enjoy SMARTISSUE™ technology, where we use fabrics of bio-healthy materials that are beneficial to the body’s recovery. We also use nanotechnology which brings many benefits to your sleep, such as protection from electromagnetic waves, odour removal, heat evacuation, a reduction in migraines and strengthening the immune system.

Completely anti-allergenic, TEC MOON smart mattresses include UV-CLEAN™ self-cleaning technology. This technology activates the bactericidal, fungicidal and acaricidal properties of the mattress when exposed to sunlight, creating a hexagonal mesh that eliminates bacteria and mites accumulated on the surface. This way you enjoy a quality rest, improving the maintenance of the mattress and increasing its life span.

At 30 centimetres thick, our smart mattresses provide the right firmness and maximum comfort, and are also ergonomic, combining Viscool, Ikon and Resilen layers to provide the best support for your spine.

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smart mattress.


TEC MOON’s smartest mattress.”

The TEC MOON Pro S smart mattress brings together all these technologies and adapts to your body to offer you the best rest. These include the IMS ENERGY™ and WARM FEET™ technologies, which promote recovery and relaxation, helping you fall asleep faster and wake up much more refreshed.

The IMS ENERGY™ technology offers you 7 massage functions aimed at helping you rest, helping you to recover after physical exercise, improving your circulation and preventing the onset of muscle soreness.


A customized rest for each sleeper.”

You can choose between relaxing, analgesic, decontracting, proprioceptive, lymphatic, circulatory and detox. Select the best function for what you need to enjoy a far superior, customized rest.

And forget about cold feet in your sleep with WARM FEET™. It provides warmth in the lower area and naturally lowers your blood pressure, reaching an excellent thermal equilibrium to enjoy your sleep like never before.

You can control the IMS ENERGY™ and WARM FEET™ technologies using a remote control or from your mobile phone, choosing the massage programme and regulating the thermotherapy for your feet in a comfortable and simple way according to what you want and need at each moment.


Make your TEC MOON mattress smart and enjoy the rest you deserve and a good night’s sleep.”

If you have any questions about buying TEC MOON smart mattresses or want to know more, contact us with no obligation. We will be happy to help you.

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